About Us

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Hi, I’m Kristine. I'm a born country girl and have always aspired to have my own farm. The Grove Flower Farm has been a long time dream of mine and now, along with a little “elbow grease” from my husband Chris, we are ready for this next step in our adventure living this country life.

Farming has always been a part of my family, I was born on a small dairy farm and lived there until I was four.  My dad farmed for the UW Dairy and instilled in me a love for farm life.  We always lived in the country and there is no place I would rather be!  Chris and I have been farming for five years, growing hay and other commodity crops like corn and soybeans on the evenings and on weekends. During the week, I work as a full-time nurse and Chris is a semi-truck driver. In the fall of 2018, I decided that we should try our hand at cut flower growing, neither him nor I shy away from hard work. Here we are now bringing this country dream to life!


Cashton, our almost two year old son is full of personality and loves nothing more than being outside and riding on anything with wheels. We have a red-tick coon hound mix named Homer. He is the most friendly guard dog around, he might lick you to pieces if given the chance.

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We also have two horses, Merle and DJ and four sweet barn cats to keep mice away.